Willbanks Environmental Consulting


Established in 2014, Willbanks Environmental Consulting (WEC) is a professional services firm specializing in environmental project management, civil engineering, environmental engineering, permitting, compliance, and construction oversight. We offer comprehensive, professional services to both private- and public-sector clients. Our capabilities include environmental consulting, remediation system design and construction, environmental compliance and site closeouts. Our team is comprised of experienced professional engineers with over 15 years of environmental and civil engineering project management experience.


At WEC we believe that effective management means safely and cost-efficiently managing environmental liabilities in accordance with site-specific exit strategies. We navigate regulatory, technical, and logistical challenges to develop and implement practical solutions by:


  • Conducting a thorough evaluation of current site conditions to develop an effective plan for acheiving site closure
  • Negotiating cleanup goals with regulatory agencies during project development
  • Applying regulatory knowledge and acting as the client advocate
  • Considering standard traditional approaches as well as innovative alternatives
  • Assessing and managing client risk
  • Efficiently executing site strategies


Our focus is to provide comprehensive, quality services to our clients to add value to your project.